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Cyber Security Tips

Protect Your Information

At Bank Star, we take cyber security very seriously.  Here are some simple tips on protecting yourself:

  1. Monitor your bank account and your credit card statements regularly. Do it at least weekly if you can. When you make an online purchase, print out the receipt or confirmation and compare it against your purchases on your statement.  Some charges will show up on your statement under a corporate name that doesn’t match the name on your receipt.  Keeping a copy of your receipt will serve as a quick reminder of what it was you purchased.
  2. Sign up for real time alerts through your credit card company and through the bank, if you use a debit card. Low balance alerts on your bank account are also available. They’re free and it’s better to be safe.
  3. Keep your private information private. Don’t share passwords. Be careful who you give information to over the phone or online. NEVER provide passwords or personal information, such as your social security number, to any unsolicited caller. If you search new websites, look for the “lock” symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Generally, if you click on the lock symbol, it should show the same https web address as the one your searched.
  4. Change your passwords routinely and make them strong. Vary your passwords using symbols, upper and lower case, numbers and or a combination of all three.  Many sites require this.  Yes, they’re hard to remember and many people write them down.  If you do, keep them in a very safe place.   Avoid using the same password for several sites.  Also, don’t use passwords with a connection to your family or pets.
Opt-out of information sharing